Damien Hirst New Port Street Gallery is finally open!

Come inside and have a look with us!

Entrance New Port Street Gallery


Seems like walking by Thames has become very artistic lately…Wandering around the streets of Vauxhall, between the railway and the council houses, you will bump into Damien Hirst’s £25m new gallery, a building designed by London architecture firm Caruso St. John, known for the Tate Britain revamp and their collaboration with Larry Gagosian.



The stairwells are ovoid spirals lined with creamy white brick, as if carved from blocks of butter!

You can also see that the staircase is spiral,”so it brings you back to where you started”!

The gallery opened to the public the 8th of October with a show by the British abstract painter John Hoyland.


John Hoyland red


John Hoyland between his blues


Hirst’s own work will not be on show. Don’t worry though…Great artists are usually great collectors! And that’s our chance to discover his.


John Hoyland two rooms


No dead butterflies, diamond skulls, nor pills and surgical tools, the gallery is made specifically for Hirst’s 3.000 art collection to be shared with the public!


John Hoyland between greens and reds


John Hoyland between pastels

The gallery will be concentrating on six-month-long one-person shows, to give people a chance to come back and get familiar with the work.


John Hoyland pastels


Shop at his Other Criteria outlet, where you can buy all manner of ghoulish Hirst T-shirts, golden skulls and limited edition prints!


Newport Gallery shop inside


In case you missed his famous sculls…


Damien Hirst Pharmacy Installation


“You can only cure people for so long and then they’re going to die anyway. You can’t arrest decay but these medicine cabinets suggest you can” Damien Hirst.

This small medicine cabinet is actually an artwork! Hirst constructed the MDF unit at home, he filled it with the empty packaging of his grandmother’s medication, which he’d requested she left him on her death. This work explores the distinction between life and death, myth and medicine.

Interesting or… eerie?


Damien Restaurant Pharmacy Restaurant 2


You remember the artist’s Notting Hill restaurant? It was a shock to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society when it opened in 1998, designed like a chemist’s shop with medicine cabinets and bottles of pills. The first restaurant to combine eating and conceptual art closed a few years later, although frequented by the likes of David Bowie, Kate Moss, Tom Cruise and Madonna.

These days he is set to re-open Restaurant 2, which is thought to act as a canteen for gallery visitors during the day and open as a standalone restaurant by night. Sirens visited the gallery the first week of the opening with the restaurant still under construction… no pictures available, dear charmers.

The gallery is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am-6pm.

Not to miss! Free admission!