How to master the famous Ivy Gimlet

Los Angeles. The weather is horrible, the sky is always cloudy, people are gloomy, nightlife options are boring and the flight to get there is very long. Why am I saying that? Because after a two week visit, I just had to say goodbye to this dazzling, fascinating, marvellous, charming, divine city and jealousy has blinded me, has driven me mad!

Forgive me, my beloved Angelenos, for I have sinned. I will never talk like that again! Your city is literally the city of Angels. It’s paradise…Thank you for having us.


Santa Monica


Our visit was full of indulgence. Sunny skies, hospitality, great food, impeccable service, well-mannered, friendly and happy people, everything added up to a magnificent experience. There are a lot of places to mention and there will be quite a few posts with tips and tricks to enjoy LA at the fullest.



The first thing that comes to mind when talking about LA is Hollywood. Where does that lead us? To our pursuit of celebrity spotting. We were told that The Ivy on Robertson is always a safe bet to do that. Walking through this pretty garden, we were welcomed by a wonderful gentleman who offered us a glass of champagne and the moment we sat on the table, among all those colourful plants and flowers I spotted two celebrities already!



No! It’s not what you think!

One was Kim Kardashian. The other? The famous Ivy Gimlet. Don’t ask me what matters to me more. Kim, with all due respect…I have to let you down this time.



There are only a few cocktails that are as refreshing, delicious, stimulating and almost addictive as this one. And it has been the favourite of the Hollywood clan for ages. Before my third in a row I kindly asked for the recipe and have the pleasure to share it with you!



The Ivy Gimlet:

3 oz. of Svedka vodka, chilled (it could be any vodka of your preference, really)
Juice of 1 fresh lime
A bit of superfine sugar
Fresh mint leaves, muddled

Shake them, pour them, drink them. That’s a guaranteed pleasure, dear charmer…


What’s your favourite cocktail and where about have you tasted it?