Have you been introduced to Madame Non? Let me have the pleasure…

Sylvie Guillem. They don’t call her Madame Non for nothing.

One of the most gifted dancers of our era, has been nothing but predictable during her 35 years of career. Isn’t that the case with all talented, unique and sui generis people? At a very young age she had the guts to walk away from Paris Opera Ballet, because she would’t sacrifice the freedom to express her self by her dance.
No limits, no limitations. That’s what brought her to the hall of fame.

She became famous as a freelance dancer, thanks to her individuality, charisma, strong personality, uncompromising soul, adventurous and questioning character, aesthetic choices and a bending body like no other. Her long legs and highly arched feet, along with her boundless flexibility are a spellbinding composition.

We had the magical privilege to be among the audience of her farewell performances in Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London and I have to admit I was mesmerised. It was a magical evening, I wanted it to begin the earliest possible. That’s why we ended up arriving very early…


The show was provocative, inspiring and I would dare to call it bighearted. I felt that there was so much emotion on display, it gave me the shivers. Shades and light, movement and synchronicity, mystery and boldness, flexibility and sharpness, vulnerability and power. A chimerical terrestrial paradise. So sad it ended, so happy we attended.