Give me More of…Henry Moore!

Carving beauty, inspiring forms

It has always been awe-inspiring to visit Burberry’s flagship store in Regent Street, housed in a Grade II listed building, created in 1820. Especially these days, where we have the privilege to see in “flesh” the new Spring 2017 collection.






Deconstruction is the main theme, chopping, cropping and rearranging. Cable knits and shirts are reinvented in different shapes and asymmetrical forms. Crisp white lace, silk and cotton creating a mélange a trois, so playful and intriguing.





Christopher Bailey is putting his heart and soul into this collection, inspired by and celebrating British talent. Moore’s bronzes are prominent in every curve and ruffle, every silhouette and unstructured finesse.





The tremendous influence of the renowned British sculptor and his impressive, feminine forms is another sign of fashion’s love affair with art.











A notable coicendence is the fact that Henry Moore was born in the same town, Castleford where Burberry has been making its trenches for decades.


Does the Burberry customer care about art and inspiration or is fashion only a matter of beautiful garments? Christopher Bailey’s opinion is firm. “they do care about what inspires a collection, they want more than just clothes and product. It has to have a point of view.”

I wouldn’t agree more.