Love is like a pair of slippers…

You’ve got to have two and they’ve got to match.

If fairy tales were true stories, I would fit in the glass slipper and live happily ever after.

Since this is absolutely not the case, I’m very lucky to have a dear friend Nigel Siwani, the founder and creative director of Mount Street Shoe Company, who at least turned me into a slipper and I have the ultimate pleasure to own my Sirens on the Rocks slippers.


Sirens on the Rocks slippers

Sirens on the Rocks slippers


What makes him special? He knows the art of being a gentleman. His Beau Brummell aesthetics is demonstrated by a subtle aura of elegance and charm. He somehow has the know-how of keeping a neat, trim, clean appearance and handling himself with exceptional conduct. Appreciating fashion and expressing himself through his sartorial choices came long before the creation of his company. Innate passion for fashion was the key to success.


Nigel Siwani, founder and creative director of Mount Street Shoe Company

Nigel Siwani, founder and creative director of Mount Street Shoe Company


The biggest challenge in the slipper line, however was finding the perfect balance between understated elegance and standing out from the crowd. Having an immaculate style but a flash of joyful, bold and meaningful message without being flamboyant. Classy with a modern spin. And he made it. These velvety beauties ooze grace and sophistication.






Looking for new ways to wear your silk scarf? Look no more…just walk on it. Semi bespoke slipper creations, meticulously crafted and made especially for you. For the woman who thought she had everything. These bespoke slippers made from Hermes silk are just an example of what can be commissioned with Mount Street Shoe Company. Each pair are hand made by skilled artisans with years of experience working with fine delicate materials. The colour of the sole, lining and trim can be individually selected to create a one of a kind slipper.



Choose your last, material, trim, lining, leather sole colour, add your initials on side and stamped on the sole. They are made from the finest range of velvet’s, kid suede’s and linen materials with hand painted leather soles. There is an almost infinite choice of combinations and you are not bound by a single look.


Improvise and…hypnotize. Charm with style.


Velvet slippers are the new glass slippers!


Make them yours at:



8 Davies Street

Mayfair, London W1K 3DW

Phone: +442074951333